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  • Hackeschen Höfe
„Back in Venezuela I wanted to thank you so much for your hospitality during my visit to Berlin … I wanted to give special thanks to Cornelia who was able to show me all the details and nice things of Berlin that a regular tourist would not be able to grasp. Thank you for that.“
Arnoldo T.
„Hi Cornelia,You may remember me from the IBA Conference, you were my „private“ tour guide.I thoroughly enjoyed your two tours and have told my friends all about them. Peter and I had a wonderful time in Berlin and we learnt a great deal about the history of your country , which is always good in a different country …“
Cathy W.
Our family had the most wonderful introduction to Berlin thanks to the fabulous city tour by Cornelia. We spent an entire day learning about the city's history, life with the wall, the different neighborhoods and the exciting current developments about town. We visited churches, museums, architectural treasures and monuments, many of them famous and glorious, but some lesser known and fascinating, which we would never have discovered on our own. Because Cornelia mixed it up, never tired of the perpetual stream of questions of our children (aged 11-17), and scheduled some crucial, delicious culinary pit-stops, we were captivated for eight hours and would have loved to continue. Our older children now want to go to university in Berlin and our younger ones are in awe of all that has transpired in this city over the years. Thank you!
Nina v.d.Sch
Cornelia gave a very lively, colourful and fascinating introduction into Berlin's historic centre as well as less known parts of Kreuzberg. It was a highlight for my guests from US, UK and Asia who had come to Berlin for a business trip. Cornelia's tours are strongly recommended.
Benedikt W.


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